General Questions
  • How can I place my order?

    Once you have found the item you like, add it to your shopping cart by: Selecting the item
    Select applicable options, click “Add to Cart”
    Proceed to “Checkout”
    Fill-in your i- Billing and ii- Shipping details
    Review applicable payment details
    Click “Place Order”

  • How will I know that you have received my order?

    As soon as you place your order, we will shoot you an email containing the finalized details of your order together with your selected items, sizes, color and all other details. In some cases, we may even give you a call, just to confirm the order or discuss arising issues.

  • Can I add items to the existing order or make changes to an order?

    Unfortunately, once you place an order the details in your order are confirmed and we can no longer make changes or add to the same order. However, you can place a new order and we’ll make sure to deliver it on time – every time!

  • I have to travel and won’t be available to receive the order. What are my options?

    In case you have placed an order and don’t think you will be available to receive it. Let us know in advance and we will do all that is in our capacity to ensure that it doesn’t leave the security of our warehouse.

  • Is my personal information kept secured?

    Your personal information will only be used to address you in relevance to your order. And make a delivery to your designated shipping address. At no time will we share, lease or offer your own data without your consent.

  • Can I get clothes custom stitched?

    We do not at this point ion time offer custom stitching services.

  • Why should I give you my personal information?

    The information you provide will only be used to process your order and to deliver your selected items to your shipping address. We do not retain any personal information of our customers.

  • I did not receive any sales order summary. what does that mean?

    We email an order summary against all orders processed on the website. In case you do not get an email from us in your inbox within an hour of order placement, be sure to check you junk/spam folders. In the rare case, where no email is received against your order, feel free to get in touch with us, and we’ll be delighted to help.

  • Is it possible to cancel my order after confirmation?

    You can simply request to cancel the order at the time of confirmation. However, if you change your mind after the confirmation call has been made, you can cancel the order before the order is shipped. Give us a call, and well let you know if the shipping is pending or if the order has already been shipped.

  • Do you guys take online payments?

    We are working on accepting online payments, however, at this time we are currently not offering online payment solutions.

  • What is the delivery time?

    Once your order has been processed, please allow us at least 6 – 7 working days before making an inquiry. In case there is a delay on your order, we will ensure that you are informed and taken into confidence with the delay.

  • Why don’t you offer express delivery?

    All designs are custom created to cater to your personality. This means that as soon as we get your order and measurements for your item. We get to the custom stitching of your item. All of this takes time, but we ensure that you have to wait as less as possible to get your ordered items.

  • The delivered item seems to be a slightly different color, why?

    We try to use the best equipment for product photography at all times. However, screen resolution and brightness effects what you see while ordering. Therefore, always expect a slight variance in color owing to the color setting of your device/display and/or editing of the shoot.

  • Can you deliver internationally?

    We are currently operating within Pakistan only. However, if you need to get our product delivered outside Pakistan get in touch with us and we will work with you to find a viable solution.

  • What are the payment options?

    At this point of time, we are only offering “Cash on Delivery”. However, keeping the diverse needs of our customers we are in talks for an online payment solution – fingers crossed.

  • What are your delivery charges?

    The delivery fee is calculated upon order processing. The standard delivery fee is Rs. 250/- however, in case of delivery outside Pakistan we will inform you of the delivery fee separately.

  • My dress isn’t the exact fit, can I get it exchanged?

    Unfortunately, since the item is custom created for you, we are open to altering it to your size. However, we do not offer an exchange or refund on items sold.

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